Home Safe Home Inventory, LLC

Our Mission 

The mission of Home Safe Home Inventory, LLC is to extend additional

measures of security, protection, and peace of mind to all individuals in

Cumberland and surrounding counties, through diligent home & small

business inventory documentation.

Our Vision

Our goal is to assist residents and business owners in our community to insure

they have the required information needed before a catastrophic event

happens.  Required information is compiled into a written and photographic

portfolio.  We also share information on safety issues/tips.


our products & services

Proudly serving the great state of North Carolina. All services are available to

residents and business owners of Cumberland County and surrounding

counties. Inventory Services are offered throughout the state. Products are

available to customers nationwide. Contact us for details.

Bonded and Insured

 Home Safe Home Inventory, LLC is bonded and insured.


Home Safe Home Inventory, LLC will not disclose or divulge your information

to anyone without your permission.  No information ever goes over the

internet.  We will be glad to destroy any and all records after you receive your

portfolio, if you should desire, although we do not recommend it.  We offer

safekeeping of a Data CD of your info should you need us to deliver it to the

insurance company or authorities.  You make the decision.



Home Safe Home Inventory, LLC is not an insurance company or an appraisal

company, nor are we affiliated with them.  Home Safe Home Inventory, LLC is

that in itself, an inventory company that provides documentation, information

and photos of  assets set forth by property owner (our client) for

informational purposes only.  Any “values” written are those of the property

owner or copies will be included for appraised items.


Read our full Disclaimer here


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