Home Safe Home Inventory, LLC

What is a home inventory?

A home inventory is a precise

documentation of your personal

belongings, all combined in a print

portfolio and cd with descriptions,

pictures and appraisals when appropriate.


An inventory keeps your important
information and documentation in one
convenient report to help you in times of
grief and despair due to a catastrophic
event such as a fire, hurricane, flood, tornado, theft, or with helping those left
behind after the death of a loved one. 

Why do I need a home inventory?


Just like having home owner's

insurance, car insurance, health

insurance and life insurance, it is

better to have it and not need it,

than to need it and not have it.


We prefer to assume that a

catastrophe or a disaster will not

happen to us. Depending on wishful

thinking and luck is not the best strategy.


Being prepared in the event of a disaster or catastrophe is the best defense.


Q:    What is the first thing you would do after a major catastrophe
such as a fire, flood, tornado, or theft in your home? 

A:    Call your insurance company. Your insurance company is

going to ask you for an inventory of your belongings.


Ask yourself the following questions:


  • Right now could you name every item in your home and the value of each item?

  • Do you think under the stress of a catastrophic event you would be able to recall each and every item and its worth?

  • How would you prove ownership of all the items lost? 

A home inventory is vital for both claims processing, AND determining

adequate insurance coverage prior to a catastrophic event. 


What are the benefits to having an inventory?


Insurance Claims - Speeds

up the claims process.  Simply

hand them a copy of your

portfolio/cd and it will be

much appreciated by the



Insurance Coverage -

Confirms you are not under



Estate Planning - List your beneficiaries for each item.  No added stress or

bickering between family members.

Moving Out/In - Are you moving, get a moving or complete inventory before

you pack and when you arrive at your new destination you can check items off

the list.


Financial Advisors - Know your actual net worth with all assets being



Legal Matters – Getting ready to go through a divorce? Divide your assets


Property Management / Landlords – Document conditions before a

tenant moves in and condition before they get their deposit back.