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The day the power got cut off!

Posted on March 23, 2014 at 1:25 PM

A couple of weeks ago I got behind on paying the powerbill.  After making a payment arrangement, I was one day late paying the bill and my power and water for that matter was shut off.  Nothing, zero, zilch, not a drop of water nor electricity.  Do you know how hard it is to be a homeschooler, run a business, promote a ministry, eat, take a bath, brush your teeth, flush the toilet without any water or electricity?  Well, let me tell you.  It’s HARD, but not impossible. 

The power and water being out was actually a blessing in disguise.  The kiddos and my wife ended up outside to do some nature study and other things that could be done outside.  No electricity means no internet so no battery operated computer does any good unless of course you are writing a blog;).  We have an emergency kit with water, flashlights, food, and many other items that could be used if needed.  My family managed while I was busy at work doing an inventory for a client and explaining to them the importance of being prepared.  I made it to the power company and managed to convince them that one day late should not have been reason to turn off my utilities.  Nonetheless, they said they would turn it back on. 

The answer…

…Have a back-up plan, be spontaneous and creative.  We dropped off one child at church for class and the rest of us went to the park until it turned dark. Upon returning back home and still no power or water we decided to go get pizza and ate it in the parking lot. Then we picked up our oldest daughter from church and headed home thinking the power would be on, but NO it wasn’t.  Time for another lesson about being prepared with a lantern at the ready and no television(which we rarely watch, no cable by choice) or lights, so the kids learned about the days of old when the sun goes down so do the people.  Then up again the next morning with the chickens.



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